12 - 16 July 2006, Spain


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Complete registration for the Conference was available on line only until June 12th 2006. Because logistics of the organization, since now all registrations submitted and paid are considered SPECIAL REGISTRATIONS with NO access to meals and Sunday excursion. Registrations available here on-line until July 5th 2006

ACCOMMODATION at the Youth Hostel still available here ONLY until
20th June 2006

On behalf of the Solar Cookers International (SCI), the Organizing Committee coordinated by Terra Foundation invites you to participate in 2006 INTERNATIONAL SOLAR COOKERS CONFERENCE AND FOOD PROCESSING which will be held in Granada, Spain, Europe, 12th to 16th of July 2006.

The XXIth century needs a global challenge to improve our living planet by changing values, adopting best practices on renewable energies and sharing or transferring renewable energy technologies to build a more sustainable world. One billion people suffer shortage of cooking fuel, and half of them live in sun-rich areas where they could solar cook. Solar cooking has grown rapidly during the last decades. Day after day there are more projects and many organizations working hard to expand solar cooking all over the world, most of them in developing countries. It is time again to come together to accelerate this process of progress.

We look forward seeing you in Granada 2006!

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3rd bulletin "Toward the Conference #3" published. Download it.

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The Conference's goal is to bring researchers and practitioners together to exchange knowledge and decide future actions and collaborations to spread access to solar cooking, water purification and related solar food processing applications. The purpose is to reduce the health and environmental hazards related to traditional open fire cooking and growing fuel shortages affecting one-sixth  of humanity. The Conference will also evaluate the requirements, technology, costs and benefits of solar cooking technologies.
Working together
Solar cooking, requires integration of many different aspects and perspectives: experts and field workers will examine how to promote solar cooking, an environmental friendly application and a chance for socio-economic development, culture of peace promotion and cooperation strategies.


The 2006 INTERNATIONAL SOLAR COOKERS CONFERENCE will be a forum for scientists, professionals, consultants, environmental managers, economists, solar cookers producers, policy makers, private companies, government administrations, non-governmental organizations, international societies, rural development groups, indigenous groups, journalists, cultural associations, and ecological artists. This diversity of participants during open plenaries will be an opportunity to share different points of view, interests, and experience in order to ensure the success of solar cooking.
All of us are important
Attendance to the conference is, of course, open to any interested organization or individual.


Developing solar cooking technologies has been for a long time a challenge for many institutions over the world. Solar Cooking conferences have been held during the last 30 years and some of them pointed out new challenges. This new conference wants to be a success in order to play a major role in easing peoples' lives, slowing deforestation, and reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

In progress
The 2006 Solar cooking and Food processing International Conference continues the work of its precedents.

Last editions

1992 - Stockton, California, USA. "First World Conference on Solar Cooking"
Co sponsors: University of the Pacific and Solar (Box) Cookers International.

1994 - Heredia, Costa Rica. "Second World Conference on Solar Cookers -  Use and Technology"
Co sponsors: Universidad Nacional and Solar Cookers International.

1997 - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. "Third International Conference on Solar Cookers - Use and Technology"
Co sponsors: Avinashilingam University and Solar Cookers International.

1999 - Varese, Italy. "International Conference on World Solar Cooking and Food Processing - Strategies and Financing"
Co sponsors: World Solar Programme and Solar Academy (UNESCO), GTZ, FAST (Italy).

2000 - Kimberley, South Africa. "International Conference on Solar Cooking 2000"
Sponsor: Dept. of Minerals and Energy, S.A. South Africa Government.

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