12 - 16 July 2006, Spain


Protocol for submitting Scientific Communications

1. The deadline for the submission of ABSTRACTS is December 1st, 2005, for Papers session.

2. ABSTRACTS and PAPERS must be sent using the electronic form featured in the webpage.

3. At least one of the authors of the communication should be registered in the Conference. The Organizing Committee will not accept any type of application without previous registration.

4. The abstract should contain the following parts:
 •  Title of the Scientific Communication.
 •  Organization, author information and short bio.
 •  Text of the abstract (between 300 and 500 words).
 •  Keywords: indicate 5-10 keywords that identify the main subject of your communication.

5. The text of the abstract should contain interesting information about:
 •  Objective
 •  Details
 •  Results
 •  Conclusions

6. The abstracts must be written following these criteria:
 •  The text of the abstract will be included inside the box of the form provided.
 •  All the summaries should be in English.
 •  Use single line spacing
 •  Images, graphics and tables are not allowed in the abstracts, only text can be presented.

7. The text of the submitted abstracts should not exceed 500 words or the space available in the form from the webpage.

8. Once the ABSTRACTS are evaluated by the Papers Committee, we will get in touch with the person appointed as author by e-mail notification no later than January 20th, 2006. Also www.solarconference.net will feature a list of received and accepted abstracts. If an author submits an abstract and doesn't receive any notice of its status after December 30, the author should check the list of technical and poster papers to see if its abstract was accepted. If the author does not see his or her abstract on this list, and the author is certain he or she submitted it to Solar Cookers Conference properly, please contact [email protected] for more information.

9. In some cases, when necessary, a correction of some aspects of the project will be requested. This will require a new presentation of the ABSTRACT with a delivery deadline that will be indicated to the author.

10. The Papers Committee withholds the right to restrict the number of presentations/communications and change the form of presentation from oral presentation to poster presentation.

11. In the case that you would like to submit more than one abstract please use the electronic submission form for each submission by sending the proposed abstracts one by one.

12. Once the ABSTRACT is accepted, the PAPER must be written following the criteria established on papers.pdf file. The author will receive the notification confirming the acceptance of the abstract and the instructions for presenting the paper by e-mail . In order for technical paper to be published in the Conference proceedings and presented at the Conference, the ABSTRACT must have been submitted and the author been notified that its paper was accepted to the Conference. We will not accept any more abstracts, nor will we accept any papers that have not already gone through the technical review process.

13. To be included in the final program, the author must submit the full-length version of its PAPER before March 1st, 2006. The reviewed PAPER submittal deadline for participants is April 10th, 2006, later on we won't be accepting draft papers for review. More details at "Planned dates".

14. Based on the accepted abstracts, on January, 2006 the program of the Conference will be published on line.

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Deadline for submitting papers is March 1st, 2006

Deadline for submitting abstracts was December 1st, 2005

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