held 12 - 16 July 2006, Spain


Conference programme

The 2006 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF SOLAR COOKING AND FOOD PROCESSING has been organized in sessions in which participants outline the presentations to make them object of discussion during the afternoon's panel. The experience exchange and the possible improvements obtained by it are appointed to be the fundamental object of the Conference.

An open space for all publics

We consider that the presence of experts from all around the world couldn't be an exclusively closed area. To that matter, after every Plenary an Open Session will take place. In each Open Session a number of speakers will be appointed to lecture further on and in a divulging style about some of specific topics.

Download here the final programme of the Conference in pdf file

(*) New speakers added during the Conference not visible at the final programme: Janak McGilligan and Golo Pilz.

An open conference
Papers session for Conference participants and Open sessions to all audiences.

To download the final programme, click here.

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Conference main subjects

1. Global Solar Cooking panorama
A presentation of the most remarkable projects from different countries can be a valuable experience and an opportunity to gather information in order to gain sight on solar cooking's reality. All of us can learn as well as share experiences.

2. Dissemination strategies for solar cooking
Projects to spread solar cooking include commercial sales, women's self-help groups, humanitarian projects in fuel-scarce areas and disaster relief, education, energy and environmental programs, and health programs against waterborne and smoke-related diseases. All share common challenges of introducing a new technology, adapting it to local needs and providing access to it.  By getting to know the works of different solar cooking projects we intend to visualize and discuss dissemination possibilities for solar cooking worldwide.

3. Advances in solar cookers and new and improved food processing technology
Solar cooking technology is constantly being improved and new devices are already on the field. Furthermore, solar energy is also useful to process other basic food or preserving them. At the same time different technology for food processing using direct solar energy are complementing solar cookers. Drying food, water purification and desalinization devices working together with solar cookers technology are one of the most exciting topics to improve life quality for billions of people.

4. Solar Cookers and the U.N. Millennium Developments Goals
Solar food processing projects can contribute to achieve the challenge that the U.N. Millennium Developments Goals are pointing out, specially in health, economics and environmental aspects. We will try to focus on solar cooking's relevance in major world challenges and association opportunities with governments and international organizations. Benefits from solar cooking and solar food processing vary depending on the characteristics of the project carried out, so each of the projects offers a different sight on improving health issues, economic budgets and minimizing negative environmental impact.

5. Action Groups reports
Asian and African solar cooker leaders recently created Action Groups to focus on and expand collective grassroots strategies on:
  • Education and Youth action,
  • Health action,
  • Business and marketing action,
  • Humanitarian action,
  • Government and advocacy action,
  • Media action,
  • Networking action

The Conference gives to those Action Groups which have been promoting solar cookers and food processing devices an opportunity to present, share and discuss their results, strategies and so on so that the whole community can learn and share it. It's also a place where Action Groups can meet and analyze what has been done and what goals do we want to achieve. Their reports will lead to new discussions at this conference about future shared goals and actions.

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