12 - 16 July 2006, Spain
   Conference venue



The Conference will take place in Granada's Palace of Congress, a magnificent building in Granada's centre located near historic city. Public buses connect the Auditorium with downtown Granada.

Granada is a modern city with more than 2000 years of History. You will be able to see and visit monuments of different cultures (Iberic, Roman, Jewish, Arab, Christian) and enjoy the pleasant, familiar atmosphere while walking the streets of the historical Muslim centre, or rather visiting the Alhambra, the Science Museum at Parque de las Ciencias or tasting its famous tapas and wines.


Granada Map

Navigate for the map: First apply zoom(+) until reach Granada City. Then drag the map with your mouse, click on links and icons.

Granada Map

Official language

English will be the Conference's official language, but simultaneous translation (English-Spanish) will be considered for Open Sessions.

English, Spanish and French are welcomed for correspondence (E-mails, postal letters, etc.).

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