12 - 16 July 2006, Spain
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Granada's overview

Granada is the colourful capital of the province of Granada, which in turn is in Andalucia, Spain's southernmost region. Bearing echoes of its Moorish past at every turn, most impressively embodied in the world famous Alhambra Palace, Granada has an exotic and magical atmosphere.

The possibility of the discovery of a new world was emerging even before the conquest of Granada. The city had already been Iberian, Roman and later Jewish and Islamic before the coming together of American and European cultures. The capital of the former Nazarí Kingdom, Granada was the last city in the Iberian Peninsula to be given away by the Muslims in 1492, an event that resulted in the formation of Spain. The Christian conquest did not taint the city's brilliance as a cultural center, and the sciences and arts found the perfect setting in which to develop.

Soak up in it's history, enjoy the nightlife and treat yourself to some fantastic food and drink (especially the tapas!) in this wonderful city. A little further into the peninsula you can commute to The Sierra Nevada ski resort (35km away), Mediterranean beaches and water parks (an hour's drive) and for a taste of the great Andalucian outdoors head for the Alpujarras (an hour and half's drive).

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Views from the city of Granada

During the period of Muslim domination of Spain, Granada was the finest city on the peninsula. Today it is still home to the greatest Muslim legacy in Europe, and one of the most inspiring attractions on the Continent - the XIth century Alhambra.

The Alhambra palace is a must-see. Set against the stunning Sierra Nevada and surrounded by cypress and elms, it's an escape into Granada's Moorish past. There's a lot to see, including the Alcazaba, the Palacio Nazaries (Nasrid Palace) and the Generalife gardens, so allow it at least an afternoon.


A number of different airlines fly to Granada airport from different European cities, but the most important connections are from Madrid and Barcelona . If your flight ends there, you can go to Granada by booking a national flight (1 hour and 30 minutes trip), by train (6 hours trip) or bus. Malaga and Sevilla airports are 180 km from Granada and are also an international destination for cheap flight companies.

By airplane

The national airport is located in the town of Chauchina, 12 km away from Granada's downtown by the A-92 motorway. Malaga airport is the closest international airport and is one hour away by car or bus (bus tickets Malaga - Granada tel. +34 902 330 400). Madrid and Barcelona international airports also have daily flights connected to main international destinations. It is also possible to find cheap flight companies flying directly from London and Barcelona to Granada.

Flight companies:

Tel. (+34) (+34) 902 400500 / (+34) 958 245223
Air Europa
Tel. (+34) (+34) 902 300 600
Direct flights from London to Granada airport (low-cost airlines)
(only from London-Stansted and Liverpool)

Monarch Airlines

(different charter flights)
Tel. (+34) (+34) 91 414 1502


(only from London-Kent)
Direct flights from Barcelona to Granada airport (low-cost airlines)
Daily flight Barcelona-Granada starting June 29th (round trip for 33 € aprox.)
More low-cost flight companies you can also check:
By train

You can also can come by train or bus if you are already in Europe.

RENFE (Red Nacional de Ferrocarriles de España)
Tel: (+34) 902 240202 - (+34) 958 271 272
The railway station in Granada is located in Avenida de los Andaluces s/n.

By bus

Coach station in Granada: - Avenida de Jaén s/n
Tel. (+34) 958 185 480

download timetable buses from Malaga airport to Granada city

download timetable buses from Granada airport to Granada city

Alsina Graells Sur
Buses from Barcelona to Granada
Tel. (+34) (+34) 958 185480 - 958 251358

Buses to Granada from all over Spain
Tel. (+34) 913270540
Autedia Maestra
Tel. (+34) (+34) 958 153636 - 958 280592
Autocares Bonal
Granada - Sierra Nevada Ski Resort
Tel. (+34) (+34) 958 273100

If you need a car during your stay in Spain, you can rent one in the airport of Granada:

Atesa: (+34) 958 446 299
Alquiauto: (+34) 958 135 750
Hertz: (+34) 958 204 454
Europcar: (+34) 958 295 065
Avis: (+34) 958 252 358 y 958 666 035
If you need a taxi:

Tele Taxi
: (+34) 958 280654
Radio Taxi: (+34) 958 151461
Servi Taxi: (+34) 958 400199

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Low-cost accommodation: If you want a place in the Youth Hostel or another modest hotel in Granada for an agreed price (around 20 €, double room, breakfast included) for participants of the Solar Cookers Conference, the Conference Secretariat can reserve it for you. Click here to register.

In order to facilitate accomodation in Granada during the Conference, the Conference Secretariat also has a list of recommended hotels and hostels where participants can stay. Please, before check the location of the hotel here.

Hotel Location
Saray **** Profesor Tierno Galván, 4
Tel. (+34) 958 130 009
Andalucía Center **** Avda. de América, s/n
Tel. (+34) 958 181 500
Macia Gran Vía *** Gran Vía, 25
Tel. (+34) 958 283 711
Navas *** Navas, 22-24
Tel. (+34) 902 225 575
Dauro *** Acera del Darro, 19
Tel. (+34) 958 221 581
Ibis Granada ** Ctra. de Armilla, s/n
Parque de San Isidro
Tel. (+34) 958 184 250
Macia Plaza ** Plaza Nueva, 4
Tel. (+34) 958 227 536
Hostel Verona ** Recogidas, 9, 1º
Tel. (+34) 958 255 507
Residencia Corrala de Santiago Santiago, 5
Tel. (+34) 958 220 527
Youth hostel Camino de Ronda, 171
Tel. (+34) 958 272 638
Camping María Eugenia Avda. Andalucía, 190
(3 Km from center town)
Tel. (+34) 958 20 06 06

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